Warehouse Management

Our best in class warehouses equipped with the latest technology, instruments, loading and unloading systems, inventory control systems, storage & raking systems, and risk management systems are well capable in providing tailor-made logistics solutions to our customers at our own premises situated all over the island or their factories.  Moreover, our warehouses provide customized storage solutions; ambient & temperature-controlled storage and handle clients specific hybrids services such as logistics support for Vendor Inventory Management (VIM), Continuous Replenishment Programs (CRP) and a range of value-added services.

Transport & Distribution Management

The computerized transportation planning system & computerized transportation handling system at DAWN International Ltd ensure the accuracy, safety, completeness of the distributed goods & on time delivery to the recipients equipped with a vehicle fleet covering from full body trucks to flat beds and even containers that exactly complying with different customer and product requirements achieving the efficiency & effectiveness of primary & secondary transportation activities.  

In addition Distribution and Transport related KPIs such as vehicle load factor, truck turnaround time, availability, CBM utilization and safety, utilization, delivery time and route optimization would be tracked for maximum performance improvement as per the customer requests. DAWN utilizes cargo specific vehicles in good condition to transport all cargo from the warehouse to the designated delivery sites. It the customer wishes they can even track their deliveries through the GPS technology installed to the trucks allowing us to provide a transparent service to our valued customers.

Inventory Control

In order to increase warehouse efficiency, we maximize the usage of information technology using company-developed software such as BMS, IMS, and WIS. This enables customers to keep track of input stock data, discrepancy levels, reordering levels, and control expiry-date products allowing efficient inventory management and effective inventory replenishment planning. We have developed web-enabled software, making tracking and monitoring of stock movements more accurate and accessible worldwide through highly protected website linkage. All data is managed in one integrated system with enhanced efficiency and it can generate any kind of report which can be easily and quickly customized to any particular purpose or preference providing extra care for cargo.

Project Cargo Handling

The cargo which is extra large, heavy and high in value, we offer special project cargo services to handle it. Managing heavy cargo requires special expertise, care and detailing. We offer customized and unique project cargo handling solutions and expertise lead to an effectively managed shipment. Our broad experience and relationship with shipping companies, port authorities, custom agencies and international agencies leads to accurate implementation and finalization of the project. We coordinate safe-storage, transshipment and transportation.

Production Line Logistics

We provide more customized solutions to our valued customers by letting them pay attention to core processes and taking care of non-core but important activities like the end of line packing, labeling, bottling, and palletizing in WIP warehouses in their factory premises.

Reverse Logistics Management

DAWN maintains a separate section for returns management acting as the single point of contact for all operations carried out on behalf of the client and would be responsible for all cargo under its custody. We are expertise in the disposal of items in an environmentally sustainable manner and managing the reverse logistics flow up to the origin.

Information Storage

We keep and archive the information and documentation of different clients in a main storage to be used for the clients’ specific purposes or statutory requirements. Our real-time online reporting systems let our customers keep track of Stock Data, Stock Balance Level, Re-ordering Level, Stock Aging, Expiry-Date of Products, and Real-Time Delivery Status of their orders. Such particular features allow efficient operations management, effective planning for daily replenishment of stock, and easy physical transportation management down to the departmental level for individual customers.

Value-Added Services

As we provide integrated solutions and trying to achieve operational excellence in the overall supply chain, we also facilitate the pre-retail services such as labeling, price marking, promotions, packaging and repackaging and export palletizing also together with an enthusiastic workforce.

  • Packaging & Repackaging
  • Labeling, Stickers on Products And Price Marking
  • Order Processing/Fulfillment

Freight Forwarding & Clearance

DAWN International (PVT) Ltd is handling clients’ specific export and import cargo movement requirements inclusive of custom clearances in both air and sea with committed and experienced people in the industry.